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Samurai Katana Umbrella

Samurai Katana Umbrella

Samurai Katana Umbrella

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This is the umbrella every Warrior/Anime Fan needs! Glide it out of its nylon sheath. Hold it by its awesome handle. Feel the balance. This is the umbrella you never knew you always wanted. No one will mess with you with this slung across your back, and even the rain will surrender when you pull it out. Apart from looking unbelievably amazing, this umbrella surely does a fantastic job. It will keep you dry in these upcoming rainy Winter Days and will be the envy of your friends.


  • Aerodynamic Katana Body. The RainSword was designed by ex-samurai and kendo professionals to mimic the lightweight and aerodynamics of a katana blade.
  • Weatherproof Conditioned. The unique aluminum alloy blend and 16 rib spoke head is durable and can handle any storm and wind conditions.
  • Push Button Open. Swiftly and silently open the umbrella in 0.8 seconds with the simple click of a button.
  • Samurai Carry Sleeve. Carry the RainSword on your back like a true samurai.
  • Authentic Katana Feel. The handle and grip is exactly the same feel and weight of a true katana blade, making you ready to take on the day.

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