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Outdoor Camping Hammock with Net

Outdoor Camping Hammock with Net

Outdoor Camping Hammock with Net

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Sleeping under the stars can now be almost quite as comfy as sleeping in your bedroom...well, almost! Get the best of sleeping and camping outdoors minus the pesky bugs and mosquitoes with this Camping Hammock!

This brilliant hammock innovation comes with a bug net and suspension ropes for the most convenient and secure sleep you can get while out on a camping trip.

  • Heavy-duty fabric with triple stretch stitches that can hold as much as 300 kg 
  • Breathable materials for comfortable ventilation
  • Fine mosquito net to keep pesky mosquitoes and other insects away
  • Super durable suspension ropes for secure hold while the hammock is up 
  • Side Pockets conveniently accessible where you can hold water bottles, books, and other such trinkets 
  • Durable storage bag for easy packing

Sleep like a baby under the beautiful night sky and never think again of how uncomfortable your sleep was - reserve your memories for the best parts of your camping adventures! Get one today!

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