Luminous Glow in the Dark Bunny iPhone Case

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Hi Lagey the Bunny Here!. I'm the Glow in the Dark iPhone Case. Made with luminous materials I've got the power to be Scratch-Resistant, Dirt-Resistant and also I'm softest to the touch. I glow in the dark so you can surely impress all your friends. I'll keep you looking stylish, so are you ready to get me? I truly love you. You can't get me in stores so get me from here :)

  • Compatible iPhone Model: iPhone 6 Plus,iPhone 6s,iPhone 6,iPhone 5s,iPhone 6s plus,iphone 7,iPhone SE,iPhone 5,iphone 7 Plus
  • Type: Case
  • Function: Dirt-resistant, Scratch-Resistant
  • Shipping Times: 12-20 Days I'll be there quick I promise.
  • Not available in stores.